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4 Week Fitness Challenge- Day 19, 20, 21: Catch Up

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Days 19, 20 and 21 of my 4 Week Fitness Challenge


Yes, I am committing my cardinal sin of day-smashing- I’m sorry but let’s catch up! Since returning from Sydney the days are just getting away from me! This past week has been really exhausting. It’s as though I was running on a treadmill the whole time and I just can’t keep up. Unfortunately that doesn’t count as hardio cardio.

I’m starting to get really excited about my trip, but its also starting to set in that I am going to be away from Erik for a long time. We haven’t spent more than a week apart since my trip to India in 2012, so it’s definitely going to be a challenge, which is going to be an entirely new experience for me.

I have never really allowed myself to get attached to anyone. I have always had one foot out the door and never allowed my heart to be entirely given to someone else. I like my independence and I always thought that giving all of me means losing myself. It has taken a lot of time, but I’m almost in a place where I can allow myself to love someone completely without fear of losing my identity or space.


Today I worked from home because I forgot to reset my alarm! ops! It wasn’t a very interesting day actually. Had this delicious eggy-veggie scramble for lunch. Went to the gym- died during Kayla’s workout and then went to Erik’s aunty’s 70th birthday! Unfortunately I completely forgot to get a photo of Erik and I all dolled up in our cocktail wear! #ametur


Classic Saturday- cleaned the house then went to the gym to bust out some cardio. I did 400 calories on the treadmill and then rewarded myself with a choc-peanut protein smoothie from Babycino! After that I wandered through Target to pick up a few travel essentials. I then went home and started pulling out some things to pack- it’s getting real!

In the afternoon Erik and I went to the gym again. I did Kayla’s workout and then added on an epic glute and hammy session- bring on the bubble butt! haha! I also attempted another pull-up which I would say I achieved 90%!

Erik’s parents were out tonight so E and I hung out and watched the movie Inside Out from Pixar- blew my mind! Worth watching! We also made the most amazing vegetarian taco/burrito bowl thing!


green cupSunday

Nothing like getting up early on a Sunday morning to get your butt flushed out. Yes, we had another colon cleanse! It was much better than last time and didn’t hurt at all. After the flush we went to Green Cup on Chapel Street to get a green smoothie. I swear their green smoothies are the best! Super smooth and no weird chunks haha!

After that we went shopping and then went to Bunnings to get supplies for my nephews birthday present.

George, my nephew aka the coolest kid on tIMG_1472he block, is turning 12. He is a really great artist and draws awesome comic strips. Turns out he’s also really good at making short movies using Stop Motion so Erik and I decided to build him a little set so he can create his own movie sets.

On the way home we stopped at Babycino and got an almond latte and a few of their delicious protein balls to snack on! mmmmmm

Dinner was again the taco bowl thing- we’re obsessed! Oh and we didn’t go to the gym today because we were both so tired!

General FeelsIMG_1488

I want to say thank you. Writing everyday (well, most days) about this journey has done wonders for my writer’s block and I am really grateful to all of you who sit and read it. It has certainly reignited a passion for writing that I thought I had lost and that in itself is a very exciting concept.

I love sharing and I love it when you share back. <3



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