4 Week Fitness Challenge

4 Week Fitness Challenge- Day 22: Flexibility at Work

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Day 22 of my 4 Week Fitness Challenge


Today I want to talk about flexibility in the work place. I am blessed enough to work for a company that really embraces a flexible working environment. I am also lucky enough to have a team leader and manager who actually enforce the company’s views on having a flexible work environment. My hours are 7am-3:30pm and I usually work 1 or 2 days per week from home, aka working in my pyjamas. This set up is amazing and I found that I love my job a lot more because of it. Not only do I love my job more but I find myself often going that little bit further in my job because I am so appreciative. I don’t have any issues taking calls outside of my scheduled hours and replying to a few emails here or there doesn’t phase me in the slightest.

The bad thing about a flexible work environment is being stuck in a team that doesn’t allow the same flexibility. You see, while I am lucky others are not and it is really starting to shit me. Not only that, but there is a view that if you embrace flexibility then you are ‘special’, ‘unproductive’ and ‘really don’t do your work’. I’m sure there are a lot of back-to-work Mum’s out there who are very familiar with this.

If you work in a job that is supposed to offer flexibility and you’re not getting it because your leader is a jerk then you should stand up for yourself and speak to HR. Oh, and if you’re a leader who isn’t offering flexibility because you are scared to face your manager or have trust issues with your staff then you should A) fire your staff because they are obviously shit or B) Fire yourself because you are a shit leader.

Ok rant over.

The Daily Wrap Up

Foodtofu soup

  • Breakfast: hot water with lemon on the drive to work, then a chocolate protein shake with water
  • Morning tea: almond latte and a handful of nuts and seeds
  • Lunch: Asian Tofu Soup
  • Pre-workout: Protein ball, banana
  • Dinner: Broccoli and cauliflower soup, seaweed crackers and olive tapenade



Today we did 150 calories of cardio and then went on to do another one of Kayla’s workouts- week 8, abs and cardio. This is how it made Erik feel…

Kayla Itsines’s workouts are serious chop busters! They erik kayla effecthonestly rock. I am well into lifting weights and all that, but adding in her circuits to my normal routine has really shaken up my training for the better. If you are thinking about getting her training plan- do it! Don’t listen to the crap online just get the plan. Don’t get the eating plan though, that’s total bullshit. If you want a good eating plan then head over to Freedom Wellness and grab our Be Well Program! 

General Feels

I feel like I may be coming down with a cold- yep great. I hope that I’m not and it’s just all the cold air. Fingers crossed for me people! In the meantime I am going to amp up my zinc and break out the echinacea!

Are you new? Y’all need to start here

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