4 Week Fitness Challenge

4 Week Fitness Challenge- Day 24: TV in the Bedroom

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Day 24 of my 4 Week Fitness Challenge


Erik and I don’t argue very much, and when we do it’s generally about something very stupid. Last night after work I went straight home and hopped into bed. This cold/kooties/plague has really hit me hard so I spent most of the evening snuggled up watching TV with the cat. I felt like shit.

9:00 pm came and I was beyond ready to roll over and go to sleep but Erik wasn’t. I cant really blame him, he wakes up a little later and doesn’t need to go to sleep so early. I’m an early bird. I get up at 5:30 am and therefore go to bed pretty early, normally between 9:30 and 10:00 pm. This discrepancy in sleep time often causes a few issues. He wants to sit in bed and watch TV and I just want the TV off or on sleep timer (30 minutes max) and to go to sleep.

What makes it worst is that we live with Erik’s parents, so we don’t really have a space other than our bedroom that is comfy and private to sloth around in.

I hate dictating when the TV should be on or off but when I’m tired and that horrible bright light is shining in my eyes I just get so mad! I pretty much become the Hulk. Erik get’s mad, I become a sook and someone ends up storming out to sleep/ watch TV on the sofa bed in the study.

What do you all think? Do you think TV’s have a place in the bedroom? I’m a little torn. I love snuggling up and watching telly before sleep, but I also love the feeling of a TV-less room, it’s much more relaxing and dare I say- romantic!


The Daily Wrap UpIMG_1540


I fell back into childhood today- stupid sickness! All I wanted to do was eat food that reminded me of home.

Breakfast: Rye toast with peanut butter. Man did I pay for that one! My stomach was so bloated, I looked 5 months pregnant!

Morning tea: Almond latte

Lunch: Vietnamese tofu salad

Afternoon tea: Erik’s cold busting tonic- garlic, turmeric, honey, lemon and ginger.

Dinner: Broccoli and Cauliflower soup. 2 slices of toast with a sideIMG_1539 of 5-month pregnancy. I think my relationship with bread is finally over. Results are conclusive- we just don’t get along. Cold lemonade.


I cant even talk about it. The coughing is working out my abs though.

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