4 Week Fitness Challenge

4 Week Fitness Challenge- Day 26: Last day in the office + Cheeky Cafes

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Day 26 of my 4 Week Fitness Challenge


Today is officially my last day in the office! I’m getting excited… even though I’m struggling through with this horrible cold-thing, I’m still excited! Tomorrow we drive to Adelaide to see my family and bring my dad back to Melbourne so we can catch our flight on Wednesday to Athens. It’s getting real!

I’m sorry the posts over the past couple of days have been pretty lack-lustre, they pretty much reflect exactly how I’m feeling, but I’m getting there!

Today I went to a few cool places to eat. The first was Eclipse in the Intercontinental on Collins Street. Its a pretty grungy little place but they have great coffee! They also have a really nice, well priced brekky menu. I had the chia pudding, which was huge! $8- it had chia, gf muesli and coconut yoghurt. Coffee was nice, they offer almond milk which wins in my book.

The next place was Pok Pok. They have a really nice menu of Thai street food. The decor is cool, serving sizes are decent and the price is ok. Service was also pretty fast and we were there during the peak lunch rush.

Dinner was at Little MeeKong, which is a small Vietnamese cafe near Airport Station in Laverton. The food here is AWESOME! The shop doesn’t look like much from the outside (like most good places) but the food is clean and delicious. The prices are great too! We had king prawns as a shared entree and they were the best prawns I have ever had in my life! No joke! If you live in the West then you need to go there.

Tonight I was supposed to go to a networking dinner with a bunch of super lovely ladies, but we were all sick so it was cancelled. I ended up going with Erik’s Dad to his first trip to the chiropractor. He has a sore back and shoulder all the time so hopefully Dr.Dre can help him out.

The Daily Wrap Upchia pudding


Breakfast: Chocolate protein shake

Morning tea: Almond milk latte and chia pudding from Eclipse Coffee

Lunch: Vegetarian Pad Thai from Pok Pok

Afternoon tea: Pana Peppermint Chocolate

Dinner: Vegetarian Pho and THE MOST AMAZING vegetarian pad thai_pok pokPRAWNS EVER from Little Mee Kong.



🙁 still no gym.

General Feels

I’m coming through the other side of this disease! Tomorrow I am off to Adelaide so thats super exciting! Bring on my annual leave and some interesting things so I can write about them! haha!



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