4 Week Fitness Challenge

4 Week Fitness Challenge- Days 27-30: Adelaide

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Days 27-30 of my 4 Week Fitness Challenge


This weekend was spent in Adelaide. We drove over on Friday afternoon to spend sometime with my family and to pick up my Dad to bring him back to Melbourne for our flight to Greece on Wednesday.

It’s weird coming home. It’s nice to be in a familiar place and see my family but at the same time I have this uncomfortable feeling, an unwanted feeling. I never felt quite at home in Adelaide. I never really fit in so it’s a bit of a love hate relationship. I wanted to say a lot more about this, but it’s not the right time, so…another post.

It’s a beautiful city. The beaches are stunning, the weather is amazing and the food is top quality. 


On Saturday Erik andGeorge Benias 1981 I went to the Anytime Fitness gym in Port Adelaide and ran through one of Kayla’s circuits (surprise!). This was my first day back in the gym since being sick and it was tough as hell! I was hardly able to make it through but I’m glad I tried. While we were there we met an old German man who was doing handstand pushups. We were floored! I’m too afraid to take my feet off the ground and this guy was 65 years old and doing pushups upside down! #feelinginadequate #whatamIdoingwithmylife

After the gym we went to visit my sister and her kids, then we met my cousin/best friend for dinner at our local haunt, Star House. After dinner we went to Little Miss Dive Shop & Crab Shack for a wee-shimmy and a couple of drinks. The crowd here was pretty cool and there was enough room to dance. I forget how gorgeous girls are in Adelaide. I mean, they are stunning! If you’re a guy reading this and you live interstate then you need to head to Adelaide! It was a fun night! 

Sundaytina benias freedom wellness

Sunday morning was spent catching up with Mum and Dad. We chatted about Greece, the upcoming holiday and moving to Greece. When we finally got out of the house (at 1:00pm) we went to the Anytime Fitness gym in Unley to do leg day. This gym is awesome and they have a heap of really good equipment. They also have a vending machine that pops out protein and rework out just like one of those coffee dispenser machines. Pretty cool and handy. 

In the afternoon we drove down the coast a little. We stopped at Largs Bay and went for a short run through the sand dunes. We jumped on a few mounds of seaweed and then went home for dinner. King George Whiting and Salad- the best!


Monday was a pretty lazy day for us! We went the wellness wanderer tina beniasinto the city to have a little bit of a wander and pick up a few last minute necessities for my trip. I got my ring cleaned and bought some jewellery from Sportsgirl. On the way home we stopped into West Lakes and we got pedicures! Good fun! After that Erik and I went to Grange beach to have a little walk and film some footage for a little video I’m putting together. 

In the evening we had dinner with the family, King Prawns with salad, and went to visit my cousins again for a last chinwag.


Haha, so much food! Rather than talk about exact foods I thought I would talk about my favourite places to eat when I’m in Adelaide. 

the wellness wanderer tina beniasCoffee is an important part of my life and when I’m in Adelaide I love to go to two places. 

Cibo is an iconic Adelaidean coffee chain serving up smooth italian coffee and irresistible italian sweets. They are all over the city and offer almond milk. 

When I’m bopping around town I stop past Penny University, just off Rundle Street. This little shop is owned by a high-school chum and is worth a visit. Stop by to be charmed by Foti and sample some of the rustic, homestyle Greek food. 

For superhuman treats and smoothies nothing beats Nutrition Republic on King nutrition republicWilliam Road. Erik and I used to walk there on Saturday mornings when we lived in Unley to grab a protein shake. A lot has changed since then and this once quaint little cafe has had a huge upgrade and grown into a beautiful buzzing hub of wellness eats! When we visited this time Erik and I shared a slice of raw choc-mint cake (which apparently has hidden spinach in it!) and peanut protein smoothies. 

Dinner while in Adelaide is often not so healthy and is usually had a Star House Chinese Restaurant on Gouger Street. We indulge in plates of prawn and chive dumplings, salt and pepper tofu, green beans and wine. Head there during the day for yum cha or visit in the evening for ala-carte. There is usually a bit of a wait so get there early.  

Tomorrow we will leave Adelaide at around 11:00am to drive back with my Dad. I’m one day out from my trip. I’m so excited! I’m feeling pretty lean (considering I’ve eaten a lot this week!) and I’m looking forward to seeing my friends.

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