4 Week Fitness Challenge

4 Week Fitness Challenge: The Wrap Up

travel wrap up

Well the end of this series kind of died in the butt a little bit didn’t it- sorry about that! But let me fill you in on what happened at the end of my challenge- its the wrap up.

I think the biggest issue I came across at the end of my challenge was getting sick. This pretty much stuffed up my ENTIRE challenge and as much as I fought it I just couldn’t keep all my balls in the air.

When last we spoke I had gone to Adelaide with Erik to pick up my dad to bring him back to Melbourne in order for us to catch our flight. What I don’t think I mentioned is that my Mum was sick with some kind of mutant cold/gastro, bug-like thing. It was gross and it was contagious.

By the time we all got back to Melbourne I was suffering a cold relapse and my Dad was unknowingly coming down with one of the worst colds he has had in years.

The Real Question- Did I achieve what I set out to accomplish?

Well, yes, I think- mostly. Let’s revisit the list.

Improve my digestion aka ‘beat the bloat’ for a flat stomach

Well, my stomach has absolutely flattened out and I’ve also learnt a lot about my body. Over the 4 weeks I was mostly pescatarian, I did eat a little bit of meat here and there but when I did I really didn’t enjoy the effects of it. I ate a lot of vegetables and became acutely aware of home much fibre I was eating.

The colonics also did a few miracles for my digestion. Firstly, they allowed me to start with a clean slate. I cleaned out any old, stagnant bits hanging around in my colon and opened the gates for optimal nutrient absorption. It also flushed out any parasites that may have been residing in my colon from India.

Decrease my overall body fat% thus increasing my muscle mass- because I’ve been storing a few nuts of the winter

Well, I wasn’t able to measure my body fat % before I left so I can only go on feel. What I do know is that I am pretty much a clean size 8 now, unless it’s a small cut on the bust or butt and I’m fine with having to up a size because of those areas haha! I would love to check my percentage after my holiday though to see what sort of progress I had.

Do at least ONE pull up- I really want to be able to lift my own body weight and touch my chin on the top of a metal bar. That’s not weird right?

Ohhhh this one has been driving me crazy! I am so close to getting there! I am about 90% there and I just feel as though if I had been able to go to the gym during the days I was sick that I would have made it. That said, I’m not giving up! This can just roll on.

And obviously, look at myself in the mirror wearing a bikini and say “Damn Teens, you’re alright and you can do this in public”

I can honestly say that this is the hardest part of my challenge. There were so many days when I felt disappointed, fat, stuck and frustrated. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning and I would look in the mirror and say “Damn Teens, you are really lean today” and then hours later I would look in the mirror again and see a wobbly jellyfish. This fluctuation in weight and perspective of self really messed with me. Not having confidence in myself, my appearance or stature is shattering and I hate it. I don’t really understand how I got this way or why I care about how I look so god-damn much BUT something has to give.

I did buy a new bikini for my trip and I did try it on and I did say “hey Teens, you don’t look too bad” so thats progress.

Oh and blog about this every day

Ok ok so I didn’t quite blog every day but I think I did a pretty good job. I really loved having the routine of writing on my blog. It’s been great for my writer’s block and it has been lovely sharing everything with you all. In fact, this challenge has inspired me to continue creating editorial pieces like this and I hope that you continue to follow me.

So thats a wrap! Challenge over- for now. Next up… The Island | The Grecian Editorial

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