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  • the power of poetry
    Love Poetry

    The Poetry of Power

    ∼ There comes a point when you need to stop giving away your power. Harping on dusted memories Pining for love lost Wishing for one last touch It’s in these thoughts that we lose…

  • tumblr_m77auwrJ7X1qem7qoo1_400
    bennywithlove Poetry

    Just breathe.

    I’m missing you. It’s that feeling that chokes your heart. That sensation of going back in time, to a place where we were together, even if only for an instant. I know that what…

  • bennywithlove Love Poetry

    Poetry, Hearts

    It appears as though I may be in the business of breaking hearts.  Whilst it is not an occupation I pride myself in, nor is it one I had foreseen for my vocation, but…

  • 200691727114178979_VGzEI3PV_c
    bennywithlove Poetry

    Poetry, Soul mates

    I wait for you my other half for I am half without you My soul and spirit are missing spark I search for a love thats true Come to me and make me whole…