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What the hell happened?

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Well, that’s a good question and one I’m not quite sure how to answer. As most of you would know I completed my 4 week fitness challenge and went to Greece. I returned from Greece just over a week ago and I feel like I still haven’t quite found my place.

It was my intention to write every day while I was in Greece, but I lost all inspiration and ability to put pen to paper (or finger to key). I went to a place that for years has been my source of inspiration and yet I was unable to muster a single word. So why?

Well, it turns out that there were other plans for me and other ‘work’ I needed to attend to. My Grecian holiday turned into a 4 week soul journey. I became more introverted then I have ever been before (not even sure how that was possible) and spent most of my days lost in thought, meditating, walking, swimming and listening to music that resounded with my soul. I dropped all obsession with food and grazed on fruit and vegetarian dishes only when hungry and lost weight I had been carrying around for years.

I returned to the source, released control and was able to bathe and soak up everything my body needed.

So what now?

When I stepped off the island and onto the ferry to return home I lost another piece of my soul and it physically hurts. I’ve no other way to explain this feeling other than to liken it to how a child would feel when taken away from her mother. I now feel more disconnected from the source than ever before and am coming to the realisation, with no doubt in my mind that I am living in the wrong place.

I’ve picked up my old life and smashed it on the ground as if it were a glass snow globe. It’s now time to recluse and rebuild.

The site will be quiet for some time, I hope you understand. I will still be active on instagram so please head over and follow me there.

I have collated a series of my favourite photos from my trip for you to enjoy.

Thank you for your support and beautiful words,

x Tina

IMG_1989 IMG_1912 IMG_2225 IMG_2380







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